How to Recover iCloud Data

Want to recover your Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks from an iTunes iOS device backup when using iCloud or MobileMe to update your Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks on your iOS device.

When trying to recover web hosted data, recovering from an iTunes iOS backup may not be successful. Your device will update with the most recent data from the server, and write over the restored data as soon as it comes online. Unfortunately, the background information update from the web usually occurs prior to you seeing the recovered data on the iOS device, making it appear that the recovery failed.

You can workaround this by recovering from an iOS backup while your device cannot connect to the Internet or is prevented from connecting to your iCloud or MobileMe account.

Here is the trick to disconnect from iCloud, restore the calendars, stay disconnected from iCloud, export the calendars, reconnect to iCloud, and then import the just-exported calendars. Here’s the process in more detail:

Go into System Preferences > iCloud and sign out of iCloud, which deletes all iCloud data from the device (including documents, contacts, and email).

Using Time Machine. In Lion the Library folder is hidden by default; in the Finder, hold Option and choose Go > Library before activating Time Machine.

Open the application that uses the data. Then export the data. For calendars, you can export an entire calendar as an .ics file by using iCal File > Export > Export; Go back into System Preferences and sign into iCloud again.Watch as your data disappears again. It’s mesmerizing. Create new iCloud calendars with the same names as your old ones

Import the calendar files on your Desktop into the new, empty iCloud calendars. If you try to import the calendars without creating iCloud homes for them, you will be able to import them only locally, and not to iCloud.

Re-share any shared calendars and send out invitations. Ask everyone to send you sharing invitations again so you can see their calendars. That’s all, you have done!

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